Our Artists

Ed Fladung

Ed Fladung, surfer, photographer and owner of Quality People's apparel belongs at sea. His images are stained with salt, smell like wax and evoke nostalgia for the iconic surf culture of the past. You can taste the café con leche, burn your feet on the midday sand and feel the hammock take your entire weight just looking at his photographs.


Wilder California 

Sometimes it isn't about the big picture. Get up close and personal with cacti, palm trees, the sea and the sky—the Wilder California collection focuses on capturing the essence of simplicity.

Daring to be over exposed and intimate, each photograph offers the opportunity to marvel at our earth. Wilder California donates 10% of their proceeds to state and national parks in an effort to protect the American Landscape.


Romina Bacci

Argentinean born Romani Bacci’s art speaks to the power of minimalism. Her work dances with expressions of mamma earth--feathers, bird nests, pine cones, red and orange petals, round white stones from her walks amongst rivers. Romina's art is raw, organic and clean. She aims to isolate the elements to capture their uniqueness, their differences, and their complexity.


Rebecca Peragine

Rebecca Peragine is a visionary, mother, dreamer, artist, activator and founder of Kindred Sol Collective, Children Inspire Design and Fresh Words Market.

Rebecca believes that like breathing and walking, we must take care of the earth and those who inhabit it.  Her life's work focuses on using educational art to helps adults raise children who are born and walk with responsibility for the earth and each other. Her intention is to inspire a sense of global curiosity, connection and chosen empathy for our world.

Travel, momentum, Hendrix and bottomless espresso macchiatos are her muses. Rebecca currently resides with her partner and two sons out of Southern California, so their trip to the forest is as close as it is to the sea.